move forward

built from ambition

built from ambition

Ambition is at the heart of Thermo King.
It’s where our drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible meets your goal to delight customers and raise your bottom line.
It’s a landmark in transport refrigeration that will leave a lasting impact for years to come.
It’s where you’re headed. Right. Now.

Are you ready to take the next step?

continuing a legacy of excellence

continuing a legacy of excellence

From the dreams of Frederick McKinley Jones and Joseph A. Numero to the world leader in refrigerated transport in a mere 80 years – our founders rose to the occasion and developed cold chain technology as you know it.

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a brief history of progress

Thermo King originally released Model A in 1938 and invented trailer refrigeration.
In 2020, we will reinvent trailer refrigeration all over again.

from ideation to prototype

Throughout this intensive – some say obsessive – engineering process, every contributor added a little bit of themselves. You can call it creativity, ingenuity or expertise. We call it ambition.


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the team's enthusiasm

“No more compromises. We took everything back to square one.”

“This release heralds an entirely new outlook on transport refrigeration.”

“Notably extending the life of perishable goods – that’s what we strove for.”

“We included every single technological capability we could find. Literally.”

“There’s a tremendous amount of energy around the project – you can feel it throughout the company.”

“We’re aiming to fundamentally alter the relationship with our customers.”

there's a place where ...

product designers can see their creations – before they’re even built.

mechanical engineers can put new systems to the test – in mere minutes.

man and machine grow ever closer – so that production lines run smoother than humanly possible.

Thermo King is getting ready to reveal a new landmark in refrigerated transport.

in trailer refrigeration

in trailer refrigeration

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